What Your Lapel Says (or Doesn’t Say) About You

It’s wedding season. Your bedroom closet stands agape, offering nothing more than a tattered suit that’s seen better days. Time to shop for a new one. Not sure what to buy? Look to the lapel. That’s right, according to a recent article in Men’s Health, this seemingly small detail speaks worlds about your personality.


Image via menshealth.com

There are three basic types of lapels: the notch lapel, the peak lapel and the shawl lapel. If you’re a conservative guy who isn’t looking to make a bold statement, Dan Michel, Associate Fashion Editor at menshealth.com, says to go with the traditional notch lapel. If you’re a confident guy whose goal is to be noticed, try the shawl lapel.

“Shawl lapels, in formalwear, create a seamless piece of fabric all the way around the neck and are often spotted on finer tuxedos,” he says. “Once rare, but now more common, these lapels are commonly constructed from fabrics such as satin or silk, in colors that contrast the body of the jacket. It creates a sophisticated look that’s reserved for men who are confident with what they’re wearing and strive to be noticed.”

Looking for something somewhere in the middle of the two? The peak lapel is the perfect mix of showy and reserved.

I only have one question — where can I find a shawl lapel for the ladies?

Read more on Men’s Health.

By Lindsey Doolittle, Men’s Assistant Fashion Editor

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July 30, 2014