Cara Delevingne Singing Karaoke? So Kawaii

The award for this week’s best dose of random can be confidently awarded to Cara Delevingne. With the help of her self-grooming brows, emojis fit for a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, and the lyrical stylings of LL Cool J, the supermodel lip-synced “Control Myself” for a LOVE magazine feature titled “caraoke!

A play on the time-honored Japanese tradition of karaoke, the viral video features teleprompter-style text running across the screen as the pretty Brit performs with a green wig and colorful vinyl raincoat on a pile of wafer candy.

If you find yourself snoozing like Cara on the morning of her Vogue interview, look no further than this bubbly clip to wake you up.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Editor

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July 16, 2014