Cracking the Code: High Schoolers Protest Dress Restrictions

We all remember the days of being called to the principal’s office. Whether it was for colorful socks (if you went to private school) or a short skirt, pushing dress-code limits was a part of high school life. But, today? Teenage girls aren’t standing for it.

Dress-Code Protests in 2014Image via

Last month, Lindsey Stocker, an 11th-grade student in Montreal, was made to stand in front of her class for the infamous “fingertip” test. (Meaning the length of her shorts had to extend past the tips of her fingers.) After completing the test, Stocker printed out the poster above and put it up around the halls. Although it was taken down after ten minutes, her reaction has since gone viral.

And Lindsey isn’t the only one fighting strict dress codes. Clare, a homeschooled student from Richmond, Virginia, was kicked out of prom when a group of male chaperones deemed her dress “too sexy,” while a group of Illinois teens protested for their right to wear leggings after being told their outfit choices distracted male peers.

Now, here’s my question – has anyone told these male peers or chaperones not to look? While I’m all for appropriate restrictions, shouldn’t we be holding each gender equally responsible?


By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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June 3, 2014