Sport Coats vs. Blazers: Know the Difference

The terms “sport coat” and “blazer” are often used interchangeably these days, but there’s actually a difference between the two. And we’re here to help you distinguish one from the other. Here’s how.


The Origin Story: Sport coats have roots in on-land activities like hunting and outdoor sports like polo. Blazers? You’d find them at sea with nautical details to match – think brass buttons and navy-blue fabric or light colors that would make a man easy to spot if he went overboard.

The Weight: Sport coats typically have a bit more heft to them. They’re usually lined to achieve warmth and a firmer, more structured look. Blazers, on the other hand, are either unlined or lined in fine silk or breathable cotton.

The Print: As a rule of thumb, sport coats are characterized by distinctive patterns or textures like plaid, herringbone, or houndstooth. If the jacket is solid, you can go ahead and call it a blazer.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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May 31, 2014