Couture Kicks: Chanel Gets Sporty on the Catwalk

When it comes to haute couture catwalks, I’m easily obsessed. My own approach to fashion is somewhat safe, which makes me appreciate designers’ knack for the fantastic all the more. Their pieces – especially shoes – are often outrageous and rarely realistic, and that’s precisely why I love them. This week, however, Chanel reeled me in for the completely opposite reason: sneakers.

Couture Kicks

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You read that right. Karl Lagerfeld, who is famous for pouring his pin-thin frame into torturously tight jeans, sent his models out into the spotlight sporting comfy (and – gasp! – supportive) athletic shoes. Could this be a sign that fashion is growing sympathetic to the always-on-the-go Real Girl? Not so fast. It turns out, each pair of the Massaro-made sneaks took roughly 30 hours to put together and carries a price tag upward of 3,000 euros, which is a touch north of $4,000. It’s but a gentle reminder that, for some of us, the couture world is and always will be a fantasy – but it’s one I’m more than happy to live in.

Read more about Chanel’s footwear phenomenon on Fashionista.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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January 22, 2014