5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed


‪@LaurenDeStefano: I don’t understand how something that smells as good as coffee can taste as bad as coffee.
Sorry, but there is nothing – nothing – bad about coffee. #ourfirstlove

‪@cnnbrk: China has lifted its three-year ban on Lady Gaga, allowing her music to be sold there legally. ‪http://cnn.it/1mnu555 
Okay, it’s decided. We can officially visit China now.

‪@RunEatRepeat: How inappropriate is it to be drunk on a Monday night? I’m asking for a friend.
If said Monday is a federal holiday, then not at all. #promise #wemaketherules

‪@HuffingtonPost: Yoga pants are the best pants ‪http://huff.to/1e9hOzi 
We love you, HuffPo, but this is the most common of common knowledge.

‪@imchriskelly: the gym should give you a discount if you promise not to go
Um, yeah. We would have saved so much money in college…

By Jess Huckins, Copyeditor

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January 22, 2014