Make It Their Best Year Ever: Resolution Tips for the Kids

The New Year. It’s a clean slate for everyone. We’re all a little more optimistic, our willpower is stronger (for now), and our goals usually surround bettering ourselves in one way or another. So, this year, why not get the kids in on the action, too? Here, a few tips for starting them off right.


Click to download a printable blank checklist for them to fill out.


  1. Keep their resolutions attainable and don’t let their imaginations take over (becoming an astronaut may take longer than a year to achieve). Your little ones will feel more accomplished when they can actually check off the things on their lists.
  2. Help them include goals that are measurable. Though being nicer to their sibling is a great idea, actually learning a new instrument, eating vegetables at every meal, and brushing their teeth twice a day – every day – lets them celebrate small victories throughout the year.
  3. Use a memory jar to track their progress and praise their achievements. Then review the contents next New Year’s Eve to point out how far they’ve come.

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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January 2, 2014