Don’t Drop the Ball: NYE Makeup That Lasts

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be ringing in the New Year on the dance floor. Which means you’ll need a look that can withstand a bit of sweat (glisten, that is). To help put your best face forward this New Year’s Eve, check out the tips below for a makeup look that will actually stay put past midnight.


Step 1: Prep
Nothing looks worse under makeup than dry winter skin, so moisturizing your face and lips is a must. Afterward, use a primer to prep your skin for foundation. Some, like Laura Mercier’s Mineral Primer, also minimize pores and help foundation last longer.

Step 2: Eyes
On NYE, dramatic eyes are essential. For a sparkly look, apply a little petroleum jelly along your eyelashes to help your glitter eye shadow stick. Opt for a waterproof mascara, then wipe your under-eye area with a bit of makeup remover to eliminate any stray sparkles. When using glitter shadows and dark, smudgy liners, it’s best to do your eyes before your foundation.

Step 3: Conceal & Cover
With concealer, less is more. I personally love Benefit Cosmetics’ Erase Paste – the name says it all. Makeup artists suggest you only use it where you need it, such as on blemishes and under-eye circles. After applying the concealer, use a large brush with powder for your foundation.

Step 4: Bronze & Blush
For a faux glow (without the tanning bed), swipe your bronzer in the shape of the number three for a natural look. Then add a cream blush for a long-lasting rosy cheek.

Step 5: Set & Go
Last but definitely not least, apply a translucent powder over your face to set your makeup, and then spritz with a makeup-setting spray. Try No More Shine Makeup Finish by Skindinävia. There. Your makeup isn’t going anywhere.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer 

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December 26, 2013