Become a Present Pro: 4 Original Gift-Wrapping Ideas

The decorations are in place. The presents are purchased – well, almost. Next up? The glorious stage of wrapping. For some of us, that’s the not-so-fun part. But for our Assistant Stylist, Emma L.? It’s a beloved holiday task. She even asks other people if they need any help wrapping theirs. (I’m totally taking her up on it.)

If you’re lacking talent in the wrapping department, here are some of Emma’s tricks to adding a bit more personality to any present, even if you usually default to the gift bag.

Gift-Wrapping Tips from Rue La La

  1. Keep the chalkboard trend going all season with black craft paper and white paint pen. Hand-drawn designs are unique and quirky, but if you don’t lean in the artistic direction, a simple “To” and “From” works just as well.
  2. Neon! Instead of the ubiquitous red and green, try an unexpected pop of color with bright pink or electric yellow. Tie it off with some classic silver ribbon – these colors make their own statement.
  3. It may take a couple of extra minutes, but customizing the wrapping on a gift is almost as nice as the gift itself. Grab some metallic paint pens, plain wrapping paper, and go to town drawing on polka dots or stripes.
  4. Brown craft paper and simple white string add an old-fashioned touch reminiscent of when “packages” used to be called “parcels.” A sprig of greenery tucked into the knot is fragrant and subtly festive.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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December 18, 2013