New-Age Opulence: The Making of Modern Metallic Fabrics

This just in: the metallic trend is set to shine right on through to the New Year. And lucky for you, we have the lowdown on how achieve the lustrous look come 2014. Check it out below.

Metallics for 2014

Make Room for Metallic Jacquard Patterns
There’s no denying the luxe look of jacquard – especially when metallic threads are artfully woven in. Usually done against a contrasting satin background, metallic jacquard brings a Victorian-era elegance to tailored, modern silhouettes.

Look to Lurex Knits
Lurex” is actually the trademark name for metallic yarn. The base of the yarn is usually synthetic with metal fibers, like aluminum, woven in to give each strand its signature shine. Once it’s all mixed together, the yarn shows off the softer side of metal in sweater form.

Try Out Foiled Fabrics
Think delicate chiffon with a coat of metallic paint and fairy dust for some extra sparkle. Sounds pretty whimsical, right? Well, it’s actually similar to coated denim – it’s the paint that does all the work here. More elaborate versions, however, have partitions of paper-thin metal pressed on. Either way it’s done, one thing remains the same: this fabric takes lustrous layers to the next level.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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December 17, 2013