5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed


‪@olivesanwine: Wearing some super sexy sweatpants over my dress to keep me warm on the walk to the train. 1.5 miles… ‪http://instagram.com/p/hvjngvIYZ9/ 
One must do what one must do. #rockon

‪@HollisterCo: The two best words. Ever. Like ever. #SnowDay
We’d be more inclined to agree if more grown-ups got snow days.

‪@betsydornbusch: Our quick book discussion today has made me realize that if my TBR pile wasn’t mostly electronic it might topple and hurt somebody.
If our fall issues were electronic, we could also avoid this problem. But… they are not. #youvebeenwarned

‪@HotelFoxtrot: Weather girl on FOX 25 has managed to say “he goes” and “she goes” multiple times in the last 5 minutes, nice job.
We can’t even picture how those two phrases make sense in the context of weather reporting.

‪@MichaelKors: Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than shopping! –xxMK
Per this metric, we’re in the holiday spirit all year long.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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December 11, 2013