Snap Decisions: How to Fix a Broken Heel on the Go

Those pointed-toe pumps you swear by? They amp up your confidence like crazy. (Us, too.) But when a heel snaps off without warning, those same killer kicks can leave you feeling frantic. The key to averting a crisis? Always be prepared.

The next time you’re heading out in a pair of heels, toss a homemade repair kit into your bag. Here’s what to include.


Shoe glue: Available at hardware stores and drugstores, these powerful adhesives, like Shoe Goo and E-6000®, often come in portable sizes. Apply room-temperature glue to the broken heel and the sole of the shoe, and wait a few minutes before sticking them back together. Once they’re glued, wait an hour before road-testing your repair job. (Another round of mimosas, anyone?)

Replacement shoe nails: Some heels are held in place with small nails, which can break off or fall out when a heel snaps. Force replacement nails into the heel of your shoe simply by banging it gently on a solid surface. Still not confident? Coat the nails with a layer of shoe glue –  they won’t be going anywhere.

Chewing gum: Because desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now, get thee into a cab – or to the nearest shoe shop.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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October 28, 2013