How Charming: The History Behind the World’s Most Beloved Bracelet

PANDORA is well-known for its personalized, customizable charm bracelets. But you may not know that this admired item started over 30 years ago, halfway across the globe. From an intern’s big idea to its 100th store, take a peek into the evolution of this brand’s timeless treasures.


Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, open a small jeweler’s shop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yet-to-be-named “PANDORA” creates its first piece of jewelry – a solid silver ring – at the company’s very own production facility in Thailand.

The idea for the now-famed PANDORA charm bracelet is created by the brand’s first in-house designers.

With inspiration from her mom, a company intern names the brand “PANDORA” mere hours before new marketing materials are sent out.

PANDORA becomes a household name, selling over five million pieces in one year.

The first ever PANDORA concept boutique opens in Hamburg, Germany.

The U.S. gets in on the PANDORA action with its first store in Charlotte, NC, and quickly becomes the company’s single largest market.

Nearly 2.5 million tiny angel cherub charms are sold, making it the world’s most widely worn PANDORA piece.

PANDORA celebrates its 30th anniversary and opens its 100th store in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Our PANDORA Boutique opens Thursday, October 17, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer 

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October 17, 2013