Guys, Don’t Sweat It: Easy Tips for Rocking a Sweater-Vest

This just in: The sweater-vest is no longer just for the Martha’s Vineyard set. Don’t believe me? Just follow these three easy styling tips to give the preppy classic a little edge.


  1. Dig out your best lumberjack plaid to wear underneath your sweater-vest. Resist the urge to button it up all the way – if you leave the top three buttons undone, you’ll look more rugged than preppy.
  2. Skip your typical silk tie and opt for a skinny, knit style. Or, push the envelope even further and add a bold bow tie for a more hipster look. Just be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble casual with jeans and tennis shoes.
  3. Add a leather jacket. Yep, instant edge is that easy.

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By Kelly Adams, Staff Writer

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September 26, 2013