Wearing a Zip Sweater? It’s All About What’s Underneath

You’ve found your dream cashmere 1/4-zip sweater? Then, congratulations! The hard part’s over. Figuring out what to wear under it, however, isn’t the most straightforward of style tasks. The fact that your sweater already has a collar throws a curveball into the whole “when to wear a collar” game, for sure. But it’s nothing that we, together, can’t overcome.


For the office: Pull your zippy number over a crisp, work-ready button-down. (A checked print can do no wrong.) The finishing touch? An expertly knotted tie and a clean shave.

For errands and general running around: Here, the obvious base layer is a crewneck tee. Beneath a 1/4-zip, it works just fine for kicking around town. But don’t overlook the crewneck’s cool-kid alternative, the V-neck. An added cut at the neckline will lend a hint of edge to your otherwise conservative look.

For going out: Depends on where you’re going, but as a general rule: wear a button-front shirt under your knit. The sight of a flat T-shirt neckline would render your pullover too sweatshirt-y. And if you’re “on the market,” a structured collar is far more pleasing to the eye. (Just saying.)

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September 23, 2013