Behind the Scenes We Go: Backstage Beauty at SKINGRAFT

Sure, clothes are the big draw at New York Fashion Week (both in and out of the tents) – but without the right hair and makeup, a look just wouldn’t be complete. Take SKINGRAFT’s show, for example. The models’ minimalist makeup and wet, tousled hair really drove home the line’s edgy yet sporty aesthetic. To see how it all came together, I went backstage to talk to the artists behind the beauty.


Lead makeup artist Chris Colbeck kept things super minimal, playing with matte and shine, keeping lips nude, and using a little clear lip gloss (yes, lip gloss) to highlight the models’ cheekbones. His big makeup tip for the season? Less is more.

Sebastian Professional lead stylist Marylle Koken also kept the hairstyles simple. “It’s that just-came-out-of-the-shower-or-in-from-a-rainstorm look,” she said. And it’s a look she predicts will be popular for spring. “A lot of the big designers are going for the whole wet, tousled thing.”

Want to try it at home? Here are five easy steps from Marylle herself:

  1. On dry, unwashed hair, wet hair section by section from the nape of the neck to the top of the head.
  2. Once hair is wet, saturate each section with Shine Crafter Wax. Using hands, start at the root and work down the hair shaft, matting and layering wax throughout the entire head.
  3. When hair is completely saturated, use paper towels to absorb excess moisture from the hair and create texture throughout. Working around the head in sections, clamp and squeeze hair with the paper towels.
  4. Using fingertips, apply Liquid Steel to the hairline while pushing excess hair back to form smooth, clean lines.
  5. Create volume on the rounding of the head using butterfly clips to mold the final shape. Spritz hair with Shaper Fierce to lock in the volume and complete the look.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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September 12, 2013