Behind the Scenes We Go: Backstage Beauty at Christian Siriano

Of course, we love to see the meticulously coiffed and styled model that comes down the runway, but it’s always inspiring to watch what takes place before the music starts and the lights come on.

So, on Saturday afternoon, I headed backstage at the Christian Siriano show held at Eyebeam on West 21st Street in New York. There I met Anthony Cole of Sebastian Professional, who told me about his inspiration for the show’s signature hairstyle – a soft and natural, yet voluminous, ponytail.


“I was completely inspired by Christian’s spring collection,” said Anthony. “It’s all about texture and power. To reflect that, I wanted to go simple with the hair. There is something so empowering about simplicity. And power is beauty.”

I was nodding spastically the whole time he was talking. I knew exactly what he meant. The beauty of simplicity is the sheer wearability and authenticity of the outcome. When I go with a non-fussy hairstyle, it doesn’t look like I slaved away getting my look together (even if I did).

As for styling tips, he dished, “Instead of the ponytail being up high, we went more with the width. A little texture along the top, with smoothness on the sides. Almost like she’s been at the beach the entire day and then put her hair back in a ponytail.” Using three Sebastian Professional products, two for smoothing and Microweb Fiber (a personal favorite – it has just enough hold without weighing hair down) for the texture in the ponytail, Anthony created a runway look that’s entirely achievable at home. And who doesn’t love that?

By Cassandra Handley, Lead Copy Director

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September 8, 2013