Attention, Cooks: 9 Pots & Pans Your Kitchen Needs

Let’s talk cookware. Every pot and pan you own should serve a different purpose. Here, we’ve narrowed the necessities down to nine. Permission to clean out the cabinets, granted.


Think soups and stews for the whole family.

Dutch Oven
Braise meat. Simmer seafood. This heavy-duty pot is all-purpose.

Too chilly to break out the charcoal? Enter: your backup grill.

Stir-fry (for the masses) in minutes. Seriously.

Double Boiler
Steam anything. Or slow-cook delicate sauces, like chocolate and hollandaise.

Call it your kitchen’s workhorse. Pasta. Veggies. You name it, this cooks it.

Also known as the frying pan. Think hearty foods, like burgers and steaks.

Sauté Pan
Cook thinly sliced veggies and meat fast, over hot heat.

Soon to be home to your Thanksgiving turkey.

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September 4, 2013