Tidy Up: 4 Ways to Organize the Family Room

As summer winds down and indoor activities pick up (bring on the SVU marathons), it’s easy for common spaces to go into complete disarray. Keep TV rooms tidy with these four pick-up tips from our fave lifestyle experts, including Camille Styles.

Tidy Up: 4 Ways to Organize the Family Room

1. Control remote migration.
Unlike your smartphone, remotes don’t have GPS trackers. Store them in a small vase, tray, or wide-top container, and they’ll soon stop hiding in the couch cushions.

2. Keep blankets close by, but out of sight.
The living room shouldn’t look like an unmade bed. Instead, find a hidden space – whether behind the couch or under a side table – and keep a basket designated for blankets, slippers, and heavy socks.

3. Label electrical cords.
Video game cables. Phone chargers. Lamps. The list goes on. And that power strip is getting crowded. Use colorful tape or even plastic bag clips to label each cord.

4. Tidy the hearth.
No need to store those garden planters in the garage this year. Instead, place them around the fireplace for eye-catching kindling storage.

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August 21, 2013