Why Wear Neon? Here Are 4 Reasons

The real question here is, why not wear neon? It’s an of-the-moment, white-hot trend. Even in the smallest doses it has the ability to add energy, catch attention, and make a fashion-forward statement. But if you need even more justification as to why you should rock these bold shades, here is a list of not-so-normal-but-totally-true reasons.

BLG-1636 Boutique Support Bright Neon Watches

1. This is (totally not) a fact. But is it a crime to look awesome while you break a sweat? Nope.

2. Head-to-toe. Peeking out from your watch dial. It literally doesn’t matter how you wear it – it’s that cool.

3. If you haven’t heard about some variation of these runs, you need to do some research. Picture running with your friends, energizing music pumping along the route, and dancing your way through LED-lit tunnels. Sign. Me. Up.

4. It’s true. Bikers, hunters, and late-night runners alike have all discovered neon’s ability to get you noticed. Now just harness that superpower in the form of sky-high stilettos.

Now start with your wrist, then let the neon craze take over.

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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August 3, 2013