Project Runway Shines Bright (Like a Whole Bunch of Diamonds)

Hi there, Project Runway fans! Last week, Season 12 opened with a fresh batch of designers and materials literally falling from the sky. This week, they were asked to create evening wear based around diamonds – over $30 million worth. That’s right. Thirty. Million. Dollars. Here’s how it went:

The good: The designers showed us a whole lot of pretty on the runway. Kate and Justin both presented gorgeous, flowing gowns, though Kate’s bodice is what really won me over. I’m finally aware of Alexander – kind of like the first time a boy makes you laugh in grade school – thanks to the pop of yellow on his chiffon-loaded piece. And Bradon’s dramatic, sparkly dress showcased the diamonds brilliantly, which was, after all, the goal.

The bad (and the ugly): On the flip side, while Timothy transformed his dress entirely after Tim’s critique, its racerfront didn’t impress. Helen tried to make bust cups for the first time ever, and the result had her sobbing in the sidelines during the runway show. Kahindo’s camo cocktail dress, while sewn well, was just too simple to shine against those rocks. And the award for boxiest and most ill-fitting went to Karen’s blue number. I won’t tell you who the judges sent packing, but I will say this: Tim (wisely) opted not to use his save.

The last laugh: Let’s play a little game. Which designer said, “I’m not inspired by jewelry. I’m not inspired by money. We have to pick the prettiest diamond, and I think that that’s very superficial.”? Did you guess our unicorn-loving pal, Timothy? If so, you win! He also picked his fabric from the remnant bags at Mood, so I’m officially past being surprised by anything he does or says – though I’ll continue to laugh at it.

How about you, Runway friends? Did you have a favorite moment – whether it’s Justin switching off his hearing aid to avoid Ken and Sandro’s bickering, or Sue still being unable to work a sewing machine?

Talk to you next week. And, as always, auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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July 26, 2013