Mani Monday: Job Interview–Appropriate Polish


If you really want to nail a job interview, it’s important to be sure your tips are in top shape. So before extending your hand for a firm handshake, take note of what constitutes an office-appropriate manicure below.

Stay neutral.
Say no to wild patterns and neon hues. You want the interviewer to take notice of your experience and professionalism, not your nails. Colors like O.P.I.’s Bubble Bath or essie’s Jazz make for a polished and sophisticated look – as does a simple French manicure.

Consider your audience.
If you’re applying for a job at an insurance agency or office, neutral nails are the way to go. But if you’re going for a position in a creative field or the fashion industry, try rocking an on-trend hue, like, say, emerald.

Go polish-free with care. 
If you’re planning to forgo polish altogether, make sure your nails are clean. That means whip out your nail file, cuticle clipper, and buffer the night before.

Avoid the “Lady Gaga manicure.”
Just trust us on this one.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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July 8, 2013