5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

‪@erniebufflo: Tonight’s Pinterest “BUT WHY?!” brought to you by “Carrot Lemonade.”
We would have been okay with never knowing this is a thing.

‪@GabiValladares: FYI: You can get anything delivered in Brasil – my dad just had the pharmacy bring over lozenges for my sore throat ‪#icantdriveinbrasil
Why don’t pharmacies around here deliver? Is it because we’d order Diet Coke five times a day?

‪@Tesssanch: I watched the Tracy Anderson dance cardio Dvd while making dinner, does that count as fitness? It sounded hard!
You’re covered. Cooking is totally exercise.

‪@casslavalle: I think I packed more bikinis and sunglasses than anything else in my bag. sweet. ‪#vacation!!
Sounds like you thought of everything. Except an extra ticket. For us.

‪@MollieinSeattle: Happy July everyone! 2013 is half way over…
Might as well skip the fireworks – it’ll be snowing in, like, seven seconds.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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July 3, 2013