Rue Horoscopes: June


We may not be experts in astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

Running full speed ahead all the time has its perks (say it with us: multitasking). But you know what’s better? Crazy-soft pajamas, breakfast in bed, and a full season of Girls on demand. Pretty sure that’s worth slowing down for.

Okay – we’ve all wanted to cancel every plan on the social calendar. Here’s how to get out of that funk: treat yourself to that fit-and-flare dress you’ve been eyeing, then get a blowout (or a haircut). You’ll be showing off your updated look to your newly adoring public in no time.

What’s the best way to show someone you care? Give them a few of their favorite things. Grab something comforting (like a beyond-soft throw) and a stack of their guilty-pleasure glossies, then clear your schedule to join in on the vegging out.

It happens to the best of us: closet boredom. And the best way to treat this style-crushing condition starts with the basics. Update those white tees, go-to jeans, and LBDs, then get started on the accessories.

You’re a giver. But it’s okay to let other people do things for you sometimes. So hit the spa and totally unwind while those magician-style massage therapists work their magic on your knotted shoulders. Mission accomplished.

Competition is just not your thing. Besides, there’s a better way to deal with these situations: pros and cons. Compare both of those maxi dresses next to one another and start evaluating. Still can’t decide? Forget it, just get both.

Summer is a time for branching out (particularly if that branch leads you to a new pair of shoes). So step out of those lackluster flats and into some platformed, colorized, and studded heels. Here’s to new beginnings.

Prepare yourself: you’re about to get a major dose of energy. But what to do with it all? Stock your beach bag with Frisbees and kites, load up on plenty of snacks and lemonade, and head straight for the coast. A dawn-to-dusk day on the sand is the only answer.

Has anyone ever told you to relax? They’re right. Start with soothing shades of blue and white in the bedroom, add a fresh linen-scented candle, and finish with a (totally obligatory) foot rub from your special someone. That ought to do it.

Feeling disappointed is the worst – bad dates happen. Luckily, there’s a recipe that makes it all better. It’s called the grab-the-girls-and-go-anywhere treatment. Seriously. A road trip, Vegas, the jungle, wherever. As long as it’s out of state, it counts.

It may shock you, but “downtime” doesn’t automatically mean spending ten hours on the couch watching Project Runway marathons. Instead, it can be a time for amping up your personal style by way of DIY inspiration boards. Finally… those stacks of magazines you’ve been hoarding can go to good use.

It’s official. You’re undeniably happy (your cheesy grin gave it away). So why not flaunt it? Rock that neon yellow sundress. Kick up your heels in a pair of borderline-blinding pink pumps. If you’re happy and you know it – well, you know.

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June 5, 2013