5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

‪@EHolmesWSJ: Must share my fave Instagram from last night once more. Anna with a big smile at the ‪#cfdaawards… ‪http://instagram.com/p/aHV5tdLKRg/ 
So much love. Happy Anna means happy us.

‪@TIME: WATCH: A chocolate syrup slip ‘n slide is simultaneously the best and worst idea ‪http://ti.me/10UmLDJ 
We’re in. Just let us change first. (Please.)

‪@mintloveblog: Confetti delivery. I feel like I could do an entire blog post about my favorite confetti resources!!! ‪http://instagram.com/p/aHHibpP9s2/ 
Part of us is dying for you to go for it. The other part wonders if we should perhaps suggest an intervention.

‪@IrisBlasi: I would have dumped him the second he said he didn’t know what brie was. ‪#bachelorette
Yes. How else could he make delicious cheesy sides for our dinner parties?

@helpareporter: Social media in real life: ‪pic.twitter.com/PVa3MXHQFb
We see nothing wrong with this. In fact, we wish there were a “Love” button.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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June 5, 2013