The Polo Fit Guide: Summer Friday’s Staple, Decoded

Hey, stud. It’s Summer Friday. Oh wait, just kidding. It’s Monday. But you have the day off. (You best be BBQing.) So prep yourself for a season of short-sleeved occasions with these quick tips for finding the perfect-fitting polo. It’s warm weather’s #1 essential, after all.

Polo Shirt

First off – said polo should be formfitting, without being tight. No one likes to see the undercup of your pecs. (That’s what going shirtless at the beach is for.) Perfect un-tightness means:

  • Sleeve: You can fit at least one finger between the sleeve and your bicep.
  • Armholes: Neither too tight nor too loose. Think: Breathable. Movable. But nowhere near baggy.
  • Torso: If you pull the shirt away from your body, it doesn’t move more than three inches.

Next, length. The polo must be long enough to tuck if necessary (see: in-law brunch at country club, impromptu Summer Friday meeting with client). Once it hits past your hip, though, steer clear. The polo should not be confused with the dress. Sleeve-wise, aim for halfway between your shoulder and elbow – slightly longer if you feel more comfortable.

And… there you have it. Easy, right? Permission to go back to BBQing: granted.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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May 27, 2013