The Fitting Room: How to Break in Leather Sandals

There you are, April. (Rabbit, rabbit.) I woke up this morning with springy resolve: I’m going to purchase a new pair of sandals.

That first sandal pick of the season is always a little heart-fluttery. You think about all the places you’ll go in said sandals, or, perhaps more accurately, all the patios you’ll sip muddled craft cocktails on, sandal-clad…

But then reality sets in: blisters. So today, we’re talking blister prevention – a.k.a. how to break in that cute new pair of leather sandals you just scored at 11AM. After plenty of research, I stumbled on this little gem of a tip from Real Simple, which I’ve come to call “The Sandal Plunge.” Read on, try it for yourself, and take the season by storm.

The Sandal Plunge

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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April 1, 2013