5 Refreshing Ways to Wear a Scarf

Ways to Wear Scarves

The problem with a much-loved accessory? Sometimes it feels a little too loved – as in, I’ve grown tired of it. But I’m never one to give up on something that has given me so much sartorial joy. So, instead of wearing that same old go-to scarf tied in the standard loop knot, I’m setting out to find a new way to rock it. And believe me, there are plenty. The bigger challenge? Incorporating that scarf into different parts of my outfit. But there are ways – and here are five.

Scarf as beltThe most common non-neck usage has to be the scarf-as-belt technique. Take a jazzy one (the brighter the pattern, the better), fold it if it’s too wide, and pull it through your belt loops. Then, tie it off in a cute knot or bow. Done! This look works well with contrasting colors – white pants and a brightly colored scarf are a perfect match.

Scarf as headbandThere are a lot of different ways to wear a scarf as a headpiece using varying thickness and knots – try everything from a turban look to a vintage Rosie the Riveter homage.

Scarf as braceletI never thought about this usage, but it makes total sense. The scarf basically becomes a cloth bracelet. It makes for a rustic look, and a nice departure from metallic arm candy.

Scarf as shoe accessoryWant to jazz up those plain boots? Tie a scarf around the shaft. Because why shouldn’t your footwear get some accessory love, too?

Scarf as halter top. This look requires your largest scarf (unless you want to bare some skin). The method is intricate, but the end result works well under a blazer – or solo if you’re a risk taker. Just a suggestion: safety pins are a good idea.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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February 25, 2013