Prep Your Bed for the Big Spring Thaw

Spring BeddingBaby, it’s not so cold outside – or at least it won’t be for much longer – and your closet isn’t the only spot that calls for a spring update. Check out these tips for a lighter nightly turndown – and, in turn, a delightfully heavier sleep.

1. Lighten up your daily first impression with softer hues. Replace the darker bedding with lights, and hello, glorious spring awakening.

2. Brush up on your comforter terminology. We’re approaching the time of year when a “Level 1″ comforter makes the most sense – it’s intended for late spring through early fall, or if a room’s temperature is kept between 65°F and 69°F. And also keep an eye out for “Fill Power.” It’s a gauge of down’s warmth, and higher numbers indicate more warmth. Fluffier comforters usually fall somewhere within the 600 – 800 scale.

3. The transition doesn’t stop at the covers. Swap out that fleecy robe for a light and airy one (think woven or pima cotton), and you’ll float right on through those increasingly bright mornings.

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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February 11, 2013