Get-Up-and-Go Playlists for (Almost) Everything

I can’t be the only one out there who’s dreamt about having her own theme song (I blame The Pink Panther, mostly… and Kronk, who makes up his own). But you know what’s better than a theme song? An entire playlist to keep you motivated, no matter what you’re doing. Whether it’s the morning of your wedding (butterflies!) or you have some resolutions to tackle, I’ve uncovered some song selections that will get you through pretty much anything.

Pre-Wedding Primping
The big day has finally arrived (with no jitters in sight), so gather the bridesmaids, pour the champagne, start the hair and makeup, and crank up these nuptial numbers. Upbeat and playful, some songs may inspire the use of a hairbrush microphone.

Football Fun
Given the upcoming game this Sunday and the so-close-we-can-almost-taste-it Super Bowl (go Pats!), these game-inspired songs are only appropriate. “Eye of the Tiger” isn’t on it, but pretty much any football-themed song ever (with video) is.

Workout Warrior
Shockingly (insert sarcasm here), there are only about a thousand playlists to choose from for fitness: some perfectly timed to your cardio and weightlifting routine, some that inspire endless running endurance, and some that are crafted specifically for exercises like yoga.

Road Trip
For something like this, I’m not convinced a stranger’s playlist will make the cut – but it certainly helps you get started. No matter how long your trip will last, make sure you’ve got tunes that help you stay entertained and alert. Number one on my list? “Low Rider” by War – call me cliché, but it’s an awesome song.

Every chef should have a playlist like this while creating masterful dishes. With a smooth combination of 22 songs that includes Vampire Weekend and Estelle, your meal is practically guaranteed to turn out well (but if it winds up in the garbage, you can always press repeat and try again).

Toddler Dance Party
When arts and crafts time is over and the outdoors are off-limits, meet your new best friend. Curated by Andrea Towey, founder of Junior Art and Music (JAM), these are the songs that will keep the kiddos happily bopping along (bonus: they’re parent-friendly, too).

Bad-Day Stress Release
Let’s not tiptoe around the subject: we’ve all been there, and sometimes you just need some angry music to get over the stress of the day. With Eminem, Alien Ant Farm, and Guns N’ Roses starting off the list, you know it’s bound to get the job done.

Valentine’s Day
It’s almost February – so let the romancing begin. From videos of the best lovey-dovey duets and love song favorites to a list that’s specifically tailored to the phenomenon known as young love, any one of these song collections is sure to set the mood for your sweetheart.

Obama’s Campaign Playlist
I didn’t know it either, but apparently even the President has a playlist (I wonder if he has a theme song?). Jumping all over the place from No Doubt to James Taylor to Al Green, it’s safe to say he has eclectic tastes.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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January 18, 2013