The Bed and Bath: One-Step Revamps


Bed and bath enthusiasts, rejoice – updating your favorite (and, arguably, most utilized) spaces doesn’t have to mean calling in the contractors. By switching up simple details, you can instantly transform the feel of that sleeping (or morning-prep) experience.

The Bed and Bath Revamp

Featherbed. While I’ve never slept on an actual cloud, I’m pretty sure that this luxe mattress add-on is as close as any human being could ever get to doing so.

Bright new towels. Hang these in the bathroom, and hello, instant color scheme update.

Patterned sheets. Swap out the go-to solid sheets for a patterned set – and let an entirely new sleeping sensation ensue.

Over-the-toilet organizer. Your bathroom will instantly feel more spacious. I promise.

Our Refresh Your Bed & Bath for the New Year Boutique opens Wednesday, January 2, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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January 2, 2013