The ReTweet: 5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

@katespadeny: printing out holiday recipes. that’s what the day before thanksgiving is for right?
That, planning out our roomiest outfit, and getting a head start on the pie. (Somebody’s gotta test it first!)

@alice_olivia: Sometimes you just have to remember how awesome dirty dancing is #80s
Um, try ALL THE TIME. #bestmovieever 

@ElizandJames: For fun and a little bit of sanity- what’s worse than sitting next to someone with an annoying laugh? annnnd GO!
Being on a plane, in between someone with an annoying laugh and someone with an annoying cry. 

@nanettelepore: just realized puppies are out. kittens are in
We have a feeling our office would argue differently. 

@PaigeDenim: We fully support mustaches for everyone! #movember
Wouldn’t life be better if everyone had mustaches?

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer 

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November 21, 2012