SPACEStv: Three (More) Inspiration-Worthy Segments

Welcome back, home designers, to our final installment of SPACEStv segments. This week, there was an eclectic group of subjects: one hunter, one puppeteer, and one vintage-loving stylist/designer/curator with an incredibly compact lifestyle.

Your Place is a Dealbreaker:

Meet Jessica and Jeremy, a married couple out to prove that love can transcend all (even a hunting obsession). Enter the designer, Vanessa DeLeon, who shows how girly girl and manly man mentalities can meld into one harmonious home office.

A room that started as a total man cave gets transformed into an amazingly serene office with just enough floral elements to please nature-happy Jessica. The grey and yellow color scheme fosters both a serene and vibrant environment, and the wall decals create an eye-catching visual forest. I love Vanessa’s idea to complement the deer head with a Venetian frame – it takes a traditionally macho piece of décor and elevates it to elegant new levels.

Take Me Home:

Host Arden Myrin meets a puppeteer named Jimbo on the streets of Williamsburg, and his apartment is as eclectic as you might imagine. Arden predicts a very visually oriented space with not much clutter, and she is partially right. What she does not predict: the toys.

Jimbo is in the process of creating a children’s show, so the apartment is full of youthful accents, like a hanging swing and school lockers for storing odds and ends (not to mention shelves and shelves of toys and puppets). The floorplan is open and the ceilings are incredibly high, so each bedroom is lofted (like a tree house, as Arden describes it). My favorite touches were the windows in each bedroom – you can practically envision the factory foreman sitting up there in the space’s past life.

Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces:

Suzi West owns a boutique in Brooklyn, and lives in a 200-square-foot flat – the smallest space we’ve seen yet in this segment (by almost half!). Suzi’s apartment features a gorgeous outdoor garden that is about three times the size of her flat. This apartment is truly a testament to the power of design.

A lover of all things vintage, Suzi has an incredible handmade chest of drawers to keep all her odds and ends organized. Her bed also serves as a couch (with the addition of loads of colorful pillows), and she opts for sconces instead of full, dangling chandeliers. Her tiny space (complete with an appropriately tiny puppy named Tchotchke) has a strongly curated feel – everything has been diligently selected and the additions of graphic signs and posters create a lot of unique visual appeal. Suzi’s space is so well streamlined, it almost makes me want to opt for compact living – almost.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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November 13, 2012