Beyond the Bow: Four New Ways to Use Ribbon

One thing that I’m never lacking around the holiday season is ribbon. From my winter-weather accessories to my apartment décor, this year I’m tying much more than just presents up with a bow:

1. Fur
Odds and ends of fur and faux fur are easy to come by online or at thrift stores and flea markets. I picked a scrap that was about 30″ long and sewed two 15″ pieces of ribbon to the underside, and – voilà! – a stole to wear over my peacoat was born. The Aztec print on the ribbon and bold splash of purple made it right on trend for this season.

2. Frames
Forget wire hangers – give a picture frame a whole new dimension by hanging it on the wall with a pretty piece of ribbon. The ribbon I chose was too thick to tie in a bow, so I opted for a neatly tied knot and burned the ends so that it wouldn’t fray or come undone. Change the ribbon as often as you like and play around with different colors and patterns.

3. Lamps
A plain lampshade gets an entirely new look with just a few inches of decorative ribbon (and the help of a hot glue gun). I covered the seam with a piece of ribbon, but it also looks great around the top or bottom. I can’t wait to try this with some lace ribbon and an ivory-colored shade.

4. Outerwear
I’m guaranteed to lose one of pretty much anything that comes in a set. That’s why this year I’m keeping my mittens on a tight leash. Measure a piece of ribbon the length of your wingspan, and sew the ends into the cuffs of your mittens. Pull them through the armholes of your coat so that they’re always by your side.

By Grace Romanowsky of Valenki By ACE, Staff Writer

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November 10, 2012