The ReTweet: 5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

@graceatwood: bundled up. you sure it’s only november??
We’re gonna need a bigger jacket.

@ElizandJames: Dear Mother Nature, we understand you’re mad at us & we understand why but we could use a break this week. Please cancel the Nor’easter. thx
Seriously. Is this the apocalypse or something?

@ramshackleglam: just freaked out a bit about the people wearing crime scene jackets in the lobby…then realized: oh. tv show. #whew
Like waking up from a CSI-induced nightmare. 

@casslavalle i now have a billion channels and HD quality on my new telly. god bless america.
All the better for watching our favorite American TV shows: The Real Housewives and Jersey Shore.

@thecoveted: Why do they always wear fake eyelashes in mascara commercials?
Disappointing viewers with real-people eyelashes would be a mascara disaster, we’re guessing.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer 

Surely we missed something, so leave your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.

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November 7, 2012