No Tags Required: In Defense of the Photo Print

In an age when memories are most commonly preserved in the form of mobile upload, the hard-copy photo is often overlooked. (And that is just plain wrong.)

8 Reasons Photo Prints Will Always Be Superior to Uploaded Photos:

1) Everyone needs an embarrasing photo or two hanging in the hallway. (Keeps them humble.)

2) Dotting the home, they’re the quickest way to acquaint guests with your life (as you race to and from the kitchen).

3) There’s no faster way to make a space feel like home than by packing it with beloved moments.

4) That good hair day deserves to be immortalized, on- and off-line.

5) Advertise your proudest moments to non-Facebook users, too.

6) Daily reminders of your life’s many riches… even on those days it may not feel so rich.

7) A (totally of-the-moment) wall gallery is impossible to create using solely JPGs.

8) Blackmail. (Just kidding… sort of.)

And, of course, every printed memory deserves an equally memorable frame. Our Picture Perfect: Silver, Wood, & Beaded Frames Boutique opens Wednesday, October 31, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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October 31, 2012