The ReTweet: Halloween Edition

@Will_UK: Happy Halloween!
Cobwebs have never looked so appetizing.

@ShaunaGallagher: Remember sorting your candy out and trading for what you liked but then not being able to eat more than a few?! #halloween
Now? We could eat way more than a few. (But only if the trade was a good one.)

@MrsPinkChampagne: Office witches! Of course, my team nominated me to be Glenda, the good witch.
Could be worse. They could have asked you to be a flying monkey.

‏@malevchenko: Beyond ‘Monster Mash’: TIME Picks the Best Halloween Songs #HappyHalloween
Cue playlist. And please don’t disturb us while our headphones are on.

@undercovermama: It’s not weird to be in costume at Starbucks. Pirates need coffee too.
Caffeine knows no limits.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer 

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October 31, 2012