Going Baroque: How to Pull Off the Grand Trend


Before I get too comfortable with my sweater and boots this fall, I’m channeling my inner Anne Boleyn and experimenting with some Baroque-inspired trends. And while these textured, antique-looking pieces may be Victorian-era elegant, there are definitely ways to incorporate them into this season’s more modern wardrobe.

The last time I wore velvet it was head-to-toe, and scrunchies were still a thing. This time around, I’m integrating the luxe fabric through subtle accents (think velvet-trimmed collars). Baby steps.

I generally try to shy away from anything that could be considered too gaudy, but bead and jewel embellishments piled on top of neutral, floral-print staples create a regal effect.

Printed denim
Having just come off the colored denim high of this summer, I’m not quite ready to retreat back to Plain Jane jeans just yet. Brocade prints on top of vibrant colors add some edge to an otherwise refined pattern.

Ornate accessories
I plan on rifling through my grandmother’s jewelry box in search of extras worthy of a guest appearance on The Tudors. Brooches and rings that boast bronze settings, oversized jewel centers, and onyx stones are all on my rummaging wish list.

By Lauryn Paiva, Staff Writer

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October 11, 2012