Pass the Dice: Family Game Night Essentials

If there’s one tradition I really cherish from my childhood, it would be family game night. Don’t get me wrong – this was not the weekly, organized version you see in commercials (perfectly behaved children, popcorn, and smile overload), this was more of a spontaneous roundup of mom, dad, uncles, aunts, and kids crammed around the table or sprawled on the couch all shouting answers at the same time. But creating the perfect space for game night takes a few essentials to ensure you have not only the functionality, but the comfort factor, too.

Extra Seating
Rule number one – you can always use more seating in your most popular living areas (especially on game night). Opt for a piece with a funky pattern to add a bit of texture to the room.

Something Soft
Nothing, and I mean nothing, warms up a room like a plush rug. Plus, when all your “extra seating” runs out, a soft rug right next to the game board is the next best thing (call it an advantage).

A Large Coffee Table
With all the swapping of cards, turns, and game pieces (who has Park Place?) a big game table is just about the most important part when creating the ultimate gaming space. Be sure to keep it round to avoid corner-induced injuries.

A Cozy Touch
They may be strictly decorative, but tossing a few animated throw pillows on the couch lends an instantly lived-in allure to your home. Plus, these fun word game pillows are already a  pastime on their own.

Ready for family game night? I smell a new tradition in the making…

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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October 6, 2012