@Will_UK: Happy Halloween! instagr.am/p/RaJXk6jR5_/
Cobwebs have never looked so appetizing.

@ShaunaGallagher: Remember sorting your candy out and trading for what you liked but then not being able to eat more than a few?! #halloween
Now? We could eat way more than a few. (But only if the trade was a good one.)

@MrsPinkChampagne: Office witches! Of course, my team nominated me to be Glenda, the good witch. http://instagr.am/p/Rc1KxcBrMD/
Could be worse. They could have asked you to be a flying monkey.

‏@malevchenko: Beyond ‘Monster Mash’: TIME Picks the Best Halloween Songs #HappyHalloween http://bit.ly/RrcFW2
Cue playlist. And please don’t disturb us while our headphones are on.

@undercovermama: It’s not weird to be in costume at Starbucks. Pirates need coffee too.
Caffeine knows no limits.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer 

Surely we missed something, so leave your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.

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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re spending the evening passing out treats or taking the young ones for a costumed stroll around the neighborhood, your kitchen is soon to become a repository for piles of fun-sized goodies. But before the kids chomp it all down, borrow a handful for your own use – and share in the sugar high.

Fall Recipes: Get Creative with Halloween Candy


Sweet Salad
Remember Waldorf salad? This easy-to-prepare candy bar apple salad has the same idea – luscious flavors doused in a creamy dressing. Rather than the Waldorf’s classic combination of grapes, walnuts, and marshmallows, this one uses apples, SNICKERS®, and vanilla pudding to create a caramel apple–flavored treat.

Substitute with abandon to suit your tastes (or your pantry). Some suggestions include using a mixture of SNICKERS and HEATH Toffee Bars, pears rather than apples, and different flavored puddings.

Delicious Drinks
When your little monsters return home with bags stuffed full of colored candies, look no further than Skittles®-infused vodka. With each flavor individually bottled and ready to drink, you won’t have to search for a sweet end-of-day treat. But if chocolate and peanut butter is more your style (or you’re only in the mood for a quick nip), try a peanut butter cup martini.

Bite-Sized Baking
No matter your preferred taste – sweet or salty, nuts or toffee – trick-or-treat bags are sure to offer a complement to every craving. Use sugar-loaded confections to create candy-recycler blondies, Halloween candy cookies, white chocolate candy corn cookie bars, peanut butter and toffee candy bark, or frozen peanut butter cup banana pops (the fruit makes them healthier, right?). With these desserts on hand, you’ll wish All Hallows’ Eve came around more than once a year.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

Have any Halloween-inspired treats made it into your recipe box? Share them in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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October 31, 2012

In an age when memories are most commonly preserved in the form of mobile upload, the hard-copy photo is often overlooked. (And that is just plain wrong.)

8 Reasons Photo Prints Will Always Be Superior to Uploaded Photos:

1) Everyone needs an embarrasing photo or two hanging in the hallway. (Keeps them humble.)

2) Dotting the home, they’re the quickest way to acquaint guests with your life (as you race to and from the kitchen).

3) There’s no faster way to make a space feel like home than by packing it with beloved moments.

4) That good hair day deserves to be immortalized, on- and off-line.

5) Advertise your proudest moments to non-Facebook users, too.

6) Daily reminders of your life’s many riches… even on those days it may not feel so rich.

7) A (totally of-the-moment) wall gallery is impossible to create using solely JPGs.

8) Blackmail. (Just kidding… sort of.)

And, of course, every printed memory deserves an equally memorable frame. Our Picture Perfect: Silver, Wood, & Beaded Frames Boutique opens Wednesday, October 31, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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October 31, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Credit: Shades of Tangerine

Who said upholstery materials and prints are for décor alone? Here, ten easy tips to incorporate upholstery and other nontraditional materials into your wardrobe:

1. Your ratty old jeans are so comfy, and yet the holes are so UN-chic. Let some patches do the work to spruce them up!
2. Nothing takes a beating like your handbag… so why not allow it to be walked on? It can be when it’s a carpet bag.
3. If you could walk a mile in these shoes, you’d see that they need some loving. With just a can of Simply Spray Fabric Paint, they’re suddenly made for walking.
4. Fanny packs went out with David Hasselhoff in the 80s, and now we love Lady Gaga and hip bags. Between you and me, the name might be different, but they’re still fanny packs – extra cute when they’re made out of upholstery fabrics!
5. A bike can be so utilitarian unless you jazz up the seat with fabric like this. Seriously loving the floral terrycloth!
6. I am obsessed with vintage bow ties. This bow-tie hairpiece ups the ante and this ring raises the ante even more.
7. Buckle up for safety… or just to protect your MacBook®. Now you can go from 0 to 60 with this seat-belt briefcase when pitching your ideas at the office.
8. No, this fab vintage swing coat is not Chanel, but rather chenille… and Coco would be envious.
9. Brocade isn’t just for plastic-encased living room couches anymore.  It’s perfect for a chic dinner-party dress.
10. Take samples from an old leather furniture company, give them a ladylike S&M vibe, and – voilà – this fringe necklace!

Have any tips or tricks on upholstering your wardrobe? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala

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October 31, 2012

Once a kid, always a kid. Well, maybe no one said that, but I wish I could still have recess and playtime – not to mention a huge, overflowing toy box. If given the opportunity to have my own “Big” moment, here’s what I’d be wishing for – and what the little ones in my family will likely end up with for the holidays.

1. Random House Little Critter® Complete Collection
Yes, I was the kid who snuck books under my covers with a flashlight when it was past my bedtime, and these Mercer Mayer titles made an appearance more than once.

2. Dexton Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Ride-On Car
I definitely would have been the coolest kid in school (or maybe the neighborhood) puttering around in this lifelike Mercedes.

3. Guidecraft All in One Play Kitchen
There’s a solid chance my cooking skills today would be much improved had my parents decided to let me have one of these – and an Easy-Bake Oven.

4. Zoobies® Corduroy™ Storytime Pal
What kid doesn’t love the story of Corduroy? And this blanket-that-doubles-as-a-stuffed-animal would have made story time (and naptime) a whole lot more fun.

5. Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center
My parents’ kitchen table still (to their dismay) bears marks of hours spent crafting, glue-gunning, and painting. With this all-in-one craft center, budding artists can draw, paint, and create to their hearts’ content – without making a mess all over the room.

Give the kids what they want in our Ready. Set. Toys: The Playroom’s Greatest Hits Boutique, open on Tuesday, October 30, at 11AM ET.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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October 30, 2012

From epic-proportion pants to the jumbo, sleeping-bag comfort of a cocoon coat, for AW12, bigger is seemingly better. And thankfully for those of us who like to raid our manfriend’s closet, the easiest oversized item to toss on this winter is… the sweater.

We couldn’t agree more with the styling tips in this video post from Refinery29 – the oversized sweater is a do, for work, play, and, above all else, comfort (which is absolutely necessary when you’re also wearing 5-inch stilletos). Here’s how we’re taking on the trend in the Rue offices:

Size Up – While many designers are making sweaters extra large this season, try on both your regular size and one size larger. Then choose your desired level of slouchiness.

Check Your Shoulders – A drop shoulder (one that falls a couple of inches below your natural shoulder line) is great – if the sweater is designed that way. Watch the shoulder seam if the garment is not designed with a drop shoulder – if you go too big and the seam creeps too low, you risk looking like you got swallowed by a loom.

Style It – Try a collared shirt peeking out from the neckline. Wear it with skinnies and heels. Or show some leg and anchor it with a mini.

Tuck – Not the whole sweater! Just a corner tucked up into the waist lends some shape when needed.

And Roll – Try a jumbo sweater with sleeves that hit somewhere between the elbow and wrist. If the sleeves hit the wrists, roll or scrunch to show a little skin.

Now, for goodness’ sake, get out there and get cozy.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer 

Have any tips, tricks, or tales about oversizing your style? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala

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October 30, 2012

1. Next time we’re running late in the morning, this hair apparent board will have us inspired.

2. A whole board dedicated to house plants? Don’t mind if we do.

3. The next time we host a cocktail party, we’re whipping up some of these creative appetizers.

4. We love every single tie and bow tie on this pinboard.

5. This gorgeously colorful board will brighten any day.

Can’t get enough Pinterest inspiration? Check out past boards that caught our eye.  

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Pin It
October 30, 2012

Welcome back, home design fanatics. This week, we’re exploring one tiny apartment, one massive apartment, and one apartment that is distinctly… pink.

Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces:

This episode brings us to a 500-square-foot apartment with ingenious storage options. Serving as both a home and office for Michael Pozner, every inch of the space has been thought out (with the help of architect Darrick Borowski). The bedroom area is lofted (an instant space saver), but it gets better – the stairs themselves are drawers. We’re talking a veritable staircase-dresser.

There are tons of ingenious little touches, like storage compartments carved into the wall, and a block of wood that houses the doors into the bathroom, kitchen, and closet. Though he had the advantage of professional assistance, Michael was able to use every inch of his apartment, demonstrating that functionality does not have to be limited by mere square footage.

Continue reading “SPACEStv: Three (More) Inspiration-Worthy Segments” »

October 30, 2012

Every man should have both a blue and a white button-down shirt in his closet, but don’t forget your collar and cuff knowledge: A button-down collar is great for any occasion, and should be paired with a simple barrel cuff (it’s the most common and easiest to style). For more formal events (yes, that includes your buddy’s wedding), opt for a spread collar coupled with special cuff links and French cuffs – it’s a guaranteed show-stealer.


  • Look for 100% cotton for the best durability and comfort.
  • Try Oxford cloth for your day-to-day shirts – it’s a sturdier cotton weave that will stay in tip-top shape longer.
  • Not wearing a blazer? Keep your look carefree and casual (but still put-together) by tidily rolling up your sleeves.
  • Though blue and white are closet staples, make sure to mix it up with a few bright colors and patterns. Just because you’re buttoned-up doesn’t mean you have to look like a square.


By Christine Mitchell, Staff Writer

What are your menswear tips? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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October 30, 2012

Box clutches. I’ve been head-over-heels ever since I laid my eyes on these skulled, Alexander McQueen beauties. (And I’m not alone – everyone from Refinery29 to FabSugar has been buzzing, too.)

They’re the perfect addition to a holiday wardrobe, and lately I’ve been crushing on Bottega Veneta’s textured numbers. In an assortment of jewel tones and Bottega’s signature leather weave, they store all the essentials – iPhone, keys, Rosebud Salve, check! – in a refined little bundle. Just pair with an LBD (or leather jacket) and go.


Crushing on box clutches? Stock up in our Bottega Veneta Women’s Accessories Boutique, open Tuesday, October 30 at 11AM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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October 30, 2012