The ReTweet: 5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

@sayyestohoboken: Does anyone really floss???
Um, we certainly hope so. Otherwise our dentist would have a fit.

@KielJP: With great hair comes great responsibility.
Almost as much responsibility as planning a dinner party.

@LouboutinWorld: High Five. Inches that is…
More like a “high five” if we don’t trip in them!

@ManRepeller: Inhaling candy corn. Sentiments like that one are the real reason twitter was invented.
That, and for announcing things like a potential bacon shortage.

@OnTheRacks: Sooooo I am only drinking juice for the next two days. And all I can think about is a breakfast sandwich.
We’re not drinking juice, but we’re definitely still thinking about breakfast sandwiches.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

Surely we missed something, so leave your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.

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September 26, 2012