Insider Tip: How to Snap Up That Rue Find, Fast

By now, you’re a pro at setting your reminders, which is great if all you want to do is brag to your friends that you were first into the Boutique. But Rue is all about the hunt.

There, in the 3rd row, is the dress that you can wear for your night out, your holiday party, and with a low-key blazer and boots. You freeze, careful not to scare it off. Is it in your size? It’s totally in your size. But there are only two left! Now what? You need to be the fastest to the draw!

Watching the piece you can wear 19 different ways get poached right in front of you only has to happen once. The burn and the anger and the outrage will stay with you all through your shopping career.

So it’s about time you put a stop to it all and discovered a way to snap that piece up – fast. I’m talking our steal-saving button: Quick! Buy It.  Those black over-the-knee boots? Quick! Buy It. The dress for your impending high school reunion? Quick! Buy It. Not Quick! Buying yet? Here’s how you get started:

Update your account. Fill in your billing address, shipping address, and payment method under the My Account tab. Concierge tip – if you send a gift to a different address, it will save as your new shipping default. Always give your preferred shipping a second glance – we’d hate for your order to be detoured!

Click three times. 1) When you find one of those pieces you’ve been wanting while shopping a Boutique, click on it. 2) Then click the pink Quick! Buy It. button. 3) Finally, click the Place Order button on the pop up, and that find is yours. With Rue 30, you only pay $9.95 for standard shipping once, so all your other purchases ship for free. Shop, click, repeat as necessary.

As a QBI master, you can stop worrying and start watching the “Success! Your Order is Confirmed” notices pile up.

By Amy Bootier, Customer Concierge Guru

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September 25, 2012