Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The (Quick) Apartment Makeover

With the next 10 months of hibernation in my tiny studio looming large, I was eager to make a few pieces I already have around the apartment feel like new. It took nothing more than some bright neon and metallic spray paint and a roll of painter’s tape to transform tired odds and ends into bold, bright focal pieces.

Grab a can and try one of these techniques out for yourself. Just remember to lay down plenty of newspaper, or, like me, you’ll officially kiss your security deposit goodbye.

Natural Stencils
– Whitewash a panel screen for a solid base.
– Use a palm tree leaf (or any kind of larger leaf) as a stencil.
– Cover the screen with metallic pant, then remove the leaf for a glamorous tropical look.

– Secure painter’s tape in straight lines from the top to the bottom of a piece. Make sure the tape sticks firmly on the edges to avoid bleeding.
– Spray your desired color with abandon.
– Let stand for about 10 minutes (long enough for the paint to dry a little), then remove tape.

– Layer your piece with a relatively thick coat of paint.
– While the paint is still wet, dab it all over with a sponge to create a textured look.

Tinted Edges
– Give your stationary envelopes or business cards an edge by adding a colorful edge.
– Stack several in a pile so the edges are even with one another.
– Lightly spray the sides of them, making sure not to over-saturate.
– These came out so cute, I was actually almost excited to mail out my rent check this month (but then again, not quite.)

By Grace Romanowsky, Staff Writer

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September 15, 2012