Back-to-School Shop (Sans the School Part)

To this day, few shopping experiences pack the unadulterated rush that came from back-to-school shopping. Fresh notebooks, new pencils, and a sturdy Trapper Keeper were all it took to get us legitimately pumped to part ways with summer.

We miss that borderline-magical feeling. (A lot.) So in the name of fall, in the name of a return to the regimented, and in the name of, yes, an excuse to shop, we’ve pulled together a back-to-school list of our own. And this time? It’s us – not Mom – who has final say.

File folders. While our appreciation for Technicolor dolphins has by no means diminished, look to folders with chic, of-the-moment prints for an organized desk with (just a touch more) professionalism.

Penny loafers. Reclaim that polished, teacher’s-top-pupil look. And – penny or no penny? That’s now our very own decision to make (we’re totally voting “yes”).

Alarm clock. With a shiny new alarm clock greeting us each and every morning, keeping that back-to-fall resolution (I will not be late) is a cinch.

Work tote. This bag will be carried every day. This bag will secure professional success. When it comes to choosing the workbag? Go. All. Out.

Desk chair. Taking work home just got that much more comfortable.

Language dictionary. All this back-to-school talk has us desperate for something to actually study (something aside from a gossip mag, that is). A language dictionary’s the easiest way to do exactly that: just pull it out anywhere, and let the education – not to mention the intrigued glances – begin.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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August 27, 2012