Yes, You Can: Bring Back Your Jean Jacket

If there’s an under-utilized item of clothing in my closet, hands down, it’s my jean jacket. A classic that, like leather, just gets better with age (I prefer a little wear and tear), mine has been hanging sheepishly behind my summer maxi dresses for far too long.

Enter our ultra creative lead art director Tarah and her newly enhanced version. It may be an oldie (circa 2000), but with a cleverly arranged arsenal of vintage pins – oh, it’s a goody. So statement making. So simple! Call me inspired. And since no two look the same, I’m digging out my old denim BFF and following Tarah’s lead.

1. Stock your pin supply. Raid your jewelry box. Rummage through thrift stores. Swing by the accessory department. From oversized flowers to dainty rhinestones and quirky finds, grab what speaks to you.

2. Lay your jacket on a flat surface and set the pins on top. Experiment with clustering a few smalls pins together. Place one on the collar, the sleeve – play with the unexpected. Arrange and re-arrange until it’s to your liking.

3. Once you’ve nailed the composition. Pin them in place, and voilà! A jean jacket worth showing off.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

How do you wear your jean jacket? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.  

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August 21, 2012