From the Trenches: Behind this Iconic Coat

Our favorite wear-with-anything coat didn’t get as amazing as it is simply overnight. Here, more on this rainy-day (or, well, any-day) staple and its storied past.

1856: Thomas Burberry (yes, that Burberry) invented gabardine, a rugged material that was waterproof, rip-proof, and remarkably breathable – making it ideal for wartime.

1899: Gabardine was used for combat coats (referred to as “Burberrys”) in the South African Boer War.

1914 – 1918: The coat of choice for British officers in World War I was most similar to the version we know today. Dubbed a “trench coat” by soldiers in the front lines, its durable, weather-repellant construction made it a staple within the muddy trenches. Along with the iconic storm-flap and belt, details included D-rings (for holding hand grenades and swords), and epaulettes for military insignia.

1920s: As veterans returned home from war – trench coats in tow – the style soared in popularity among civilians.

1939 – 1945: While trench warfare wasn’t pivotal to World War II, the trench coat still certainly was, adopted by participating nations well beyond the United Kingdom.

1945 – present day: Off the battlefield, the trench still lives on. Chalk it up to its air of official duty – or how it completely flatters the waist – but (and both Dick Tracy and Holly Golightly would agree) this outerwear icon’s allure is enduringly irresistible.

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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August 11, 2012