There’s a New Kind of Arm Candy for Men



One of the latest trends for men, especially for summer, are simple bracelets, stacked on the wrist. But how much is too much? As you can see, adding just a couple of bands along with your watch adds a subtle, personal touch to your look.

You can find braided, woven, metal, and beaded pieces like those above at vineyard vines, J.Crew, and one of my favoritesBurkman Bros. Try wearing a variety of materials, like rope, leather, or nylon, to add a bit more dimension and texture. And don’t forget: variety is good for the soul.

August 2, 2012


  1. Meg Ruth says:

    Love this look! Alejandro has the eye!!

  2. CKim says:

    alej, i think we need you to come over and style matt’s look…

  3. Nanni says:

    Never thought guys could wear bracelets and it still look manly and cool.

  4. Brittany says:

    NICE! Love the bracelets. And nice gif :)