Moving On Up: Tips For Settling Into Your New College Digs

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior – college move in day is stressful. So we went straight to the source for helpful tips to make the day a little bit smoother. Here, real college students give their best advice on how to make settling into your new place seamless.

“You want to make the most of your space. Definitely invest in the organizers for the closets, the shoe one, and the bigger one for sweaters or whatever.” –Kimberly M.

Don’t let your dad talk to the football players that are moving you in, because he WILL embarrass you.” –Ali J.

Color coordinate with your roommate! Or else your room may look like a fun house.” –Brijette S.

“Definitely take advantage of the students that are there to help move in. No one needs to be a hero and turn down a little extra help.” –Victoria J.

“While you’re unpacking, leave your door open so that when new people walk by, you can have small talk with them.” –Ali J.

“I go to school far from home, so I purchased a storage unit right next to school, which is super helpful because I was able to store all my big things like mirrors, a frig, drawers, all that kind of stuff that would never fit in the car or on an airplane.” –Victoria J.

Get a sweet computer chair, the ones they provide are never comfortable enough.” –Brijette S.

“Face you first day with an open mind and be friendly to the students moving in at the same time. Start an elevator convo, hold the door, help them take some stuff up, its a great way to make a few friends.” –Victoria J.

“Definitely make an effort to get along with your roommate, but don’t solely rely on your roommate as your only friend. Go to dinner with some of the kids on your floor so that you can all get to know each other and experience the terrible caf with a group of kids.” –Ali J.

“Most importantly, try not to snap at your parents, because even though they can be incredibly annoying and overbearing, they are helping you take 20 trips from the car to your room, get you settled, and it’s the last time you will see them for a few months. So instead of fighting, thank them for all their help!” –Victoria J.

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By Kate Martel, Staff Writer

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July 26, 2012