Ice, Ice, Baby: Prep for a Frozen Adventure

Scaling one of the trickiest surfaces on Earth (ice) is all about pushing past every last limit (even if the climb isn’t out of alien-escaping necessity, like on TNT’s Falling Skies). In preparation for our Adrenaline Junkies: Ice Climbing in Colorado Boutique, opening today at 11AM ET, we’re brushing up on tips and tricks for expertly controlling what we can on our climb. And as for what we can’t? That’s what Marmot expert climber and guide Angela Hawse will be there for.

1. Stay totally fueled, before, during, and after your climb. Traditional Mountaineering shares its picks for pre- and post-excursion meals, and recommends consuming approximately 200 carbohydrate calories per hour to stay in peak form during your journey. (Oh, and Clif Bars can do no wrong.)

2. An injury is the last vacation souvenir anyone wants. From belay-induced neck pain to keeping fingers away from pulleys, this guide from Rock and Ice has every uh-oh scenario (and how to avoid it) covered.

3. While it seems like a given, the importance of super-sharp points (think picks, crampons, and screws) can’t be emphasized enough.

4. Because dropping an ice pick is the ultimate “womp-womp,” rub ski wax onto your tool handles for an even more secure grip (they’ll also plunge into condensed the snow more smoothly). Ice Climb recommends using a wax meant for dry snow.

And even if you’re not ready to scale those icy peaks quite yet, tune in to an all-new TNT’s Falling Skies this Sunday at 9/8c, and get that adrenaline pumping.

-By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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July 21, 2012