Style Girlfriend’s Guide to Summer Dressing

Over on my men’s style site Style Girlfriend, guys have been asking, “What should I wear this summer?” While I could easily answer with warm-weather staples like polo shirts, seersucker suits, and boat shoes, I keep telling my readers the same one thing: stock your summer closet with the color white.

That’s because guys wearing white Always. Look. Slick. Slick like a Kennedy family flag-football match at Hyannis Port. Slick like sailing in the south of France. Slick like polo matches in the Saturday sun.

That’s not to say I don’t encounter resistance to this recommendation. I think guys are hesitant to wear white because, well, it’s white. I know I get a little nervous before donning the stain-magnifying shade, but that’s the wrong attitude to take with the color. You just have to remind yourself: you’re a grown-up who manages to get through most of life without spilling food or drink on yourself. Then hope for the best.

To help get your warm-weather wardrobe off on the…white foot (ha! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself), follow these tips:

Break it up.
You don’t have to dive in with a three-piece white suit and bowler hat. Start slow. Try a pair of white jeans, or a white sport coat.

Wear it like a neutral.
In fact, just pretend it’s grey; it’ll feel less scary.

Dress up accordingly.
White is a color of leisure, but it doesn’t mean you should look too casual. Swap out your sneakers for loafers, your t-shirt for a gingham button-down.

Go with brown accessories.
Not black.

Drink and eat safe.
I’ve never had a taste for whiskey, bourbon, or any of the other brown boozes that are so de rigueur with my age group these days, and it serves me well when I’m wearing white. When wearing the shade, stick to light-colored liquids and maybe pass on the ketchup with your french fries. Because, really, why push your luck?

July 11, 2012